men's schedule

Men's doubles tennis schedule


Shown below are the players and subs for this summer.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING YOUR OWN SUBS! 

All  matches start at 9am. If someone wishes to change the start time,  please get agreement with all the players and change the online  schedule.  If you get a sub, please let the other players know who is  subbing for you so they will know who to contact in case of inclement  weather or who to contact in case the sub does not show up. It is best  to solicit a sub by phone since not everyone opens their email every  day. If you cannot find a sub, please let the other players know you are  canceling.

We use courts 2 and 4 so the ladies can have the shady courts. We plan to continue this practice.

Those  designated with a * are the persons selected to sign up for the day and  should make sure we have serviceable balls for play.​

SUBS (Please ask members to sub before asking non-members):