women's schedule

Women's doubles tennis schedule


If you need a sub, you are responsible for getting one  yourself.  When you find a sub, it's important that the players that day  know who it is.  Send an email to ONLY the women playing that day.  If  you can't send an email, call them. If someone sends out an email  requesting a sub, use REPLY ALL to indicate that you can play so others  will know that a sub has been found.

The ** next to your name  means you are to bring balls and sign up for the court the morning  before. If there are eight players, please sign up for one front court  and one back court. Talk with the other person responsible for court  sign-up ahead of time to decide who will sign up for the front court and  who will sign up for the back one.  Start time for play is 9am in May  and  8am as of June 4th. 

You will draw  cards to decide which court to start on and who you will start with as  your partner.  After 1 hour of play, the winners on the back court will  move to the front court and change partners, and the non-winners on the  front court will move to the back court and change partners. If you  haven’t finished a set at the end of an hour, declare a winner based on  the game score or by spinning a racket if the game score is tied. These  procedures need to be used consistently. ​