State of the Club 8.31.19 

Total  membership for this year remained stable; we currently have fifty-seven  equity, five associate and ten seasonal members for a total membership  of seventy-two plus one person who is planning to join in September. We  have 11 families awaiting refunds – four resignations in 2017, five in  2018, & two in 2019. 

I remain convinced that the future of the club is brighter than those numbers imply for a number of reasons:  

  • We  picked up six – soon to be seven - new seasonal members this year and  several of our new members have children or young adults who play  tennis. One former seasonal member moved to equity in the spring.  
  • Many weekday mornings this summer, three to four courts were in use.  
  • Attendance at both socials was good and attendance at the picnic was excellent.  
  • We picked up $1100 in court rental income, including five families that rented court time for a week.  
  • The  courts and facilities look great, thanks in large part to our vice  president, Jim Dudley who devotes so much of his time to the club.   
  • Our reserves are in good shape and our operating expenses for the year were under budget.  
  • The  entire board works well together and is committed to exploring any and  all ideas that will increase membership and keep Bayside operational.

I  am optimistic about the club’s future as we finish our 45th year in  business. Many new initiatives have been implemented during my 3 years  as president: 1) providing the ball machine, offering clinics &  lessons, exploring pickleball. The purpose of all of these things is to  expand what a Bayside membership offers; 2) purchasing the shed to make  social events easier for set-up and breakdown & to provide some  small amenities for members, ie. ball machine storage, cans of tennis  balls, first aid supplies; 3) opening the courts to the public to  generate additional income to offset lower membership numbers.

I’d  like to thank everyone in the club for giving me the opportunity to  serve as your president and I especially want to thank Jim Dudley, Jay  Clark, Marie McIntosh, Dick Fox, Terry Gilbert, Neil Lang & Carmie  Clark for serving on the board with me throughout this year. If I’m  re-elected this morning, I look forward to working with the new board  and continuing this year’s momentum into 2020!