Bayside Tennis Club has 2 different membership options.

Equity Membership

All equity members own an interest in the Bayside Tennis Club, Inc. Upon resignation from the club, one-half of  the initial capital contribution (currently $1200) will be refunded in  accordance with the terms stated in the bylaws.  The current capital  contribution is $2400 and current annual dues are $200.  The applicant  may elect to pay the capital contribution as follows:

                                      Year 1                       Year 2                    Year 3

Option A                        $2400
Option B                        $1200                       $1200
Option C                        $800                          $800                       $800

Membership  is based on a per family unit and is not related to residential  ownership.  The joint owners of a residence must have a separate  membership for each owner and may not divide one membership among them.  

Seasonal Membership

A seasonal membership can be purchased  for $450; the cost is the same for an individual, a couple, or an entire  family.  Club privileges extend from sign-up date until Memorial Day of  the following calendar year.

Seasonal  members may use the club facilities and participate in activities on  the same basis as equity members (i.e., sign up for courts, invite  guests, participate in round robins, socials, the picnic, etc.), but may  not hold an office on the board, vote on club business, allow renters  to use their pass, or transfer their membership to a child.
There will be no refund for seasonal members who resign their membership.
Following  the purchase of three consecutive seasonal memberships, a seasonal  member may either opt to become an equity member or stay as a seasonal  member.

A seasonal  member who opts to move to equity membership in year 4 may apply the  $1350 already spent on seasonal memberships toward his/her capital  contribution.  The remaining $1050 capital contribution can be paid as  follows, in addition to annual dues:

                                 Year 4                       Year 5                    Year 6
Option A                 $1050
Option B                  $525                          $525
Option C                  $350                          $350                       $350

Cost Comparison – Bayside versus Sea Colony versus Bethany Club

Bayside's  $450 membership allows an individual, a couple or a family to play for  an entire year, 7 days a week if they wish, and they can reserve a court  any time of the day. A summer membership at Sea Colony costs $200 for  one person plus $10 each time you play; there are 22 weeks in their  summer season from May 1 - Sept 30. A summer member who plays there just  once a week spends $420 and can't reserve a court until 1pm unless s/he  is playing with a homeowner. Bethany Club memberships cost $595 for an  individual, $895 for a couple, and $995 for a family for six months from  May 1st til November 1st. 

Cost Comparison - Equity Membership  versus Seasonal Membership

Year 1 = $450
Year 2 = $450
Year 3 = $450
Year 4 = $450
Year 5 = $450
Year 6 = $450
Year 7 = $450
Year 8 = Leave the club. Total out-of-pocket expense for 7 years = $3150.  Refund = $0

Year 1 = $450
Year 2 = $450
Year 3 = $450
Year  4 = Opt to become an equity member, apply the $1350 already spent  toward the $2400 capital contribution and pay $550 (1/3 of the remaining  $1050 toward capital contribution + $200 annual dues)
Year 5 = $550 ($350 toward capital contribution + $200 annual dues)
Year 6 = $550 ($350 toward capital contribution + $200 annual dues)
Year 7 = $200 annual dues
Year  8 – Leave the club. Amount spent over 7 years = $3200. Refund (when a  replacement member is found) = $1200. Total out-of-pocket expense for 7 years = $2000.